Other interests

Apart from solar physics, I do a lot of other stuff.


I love to play sports, both indoor and outdoor games. Volleyball 🏐 and Cricket 🏏 are the two outdoor sports which I play regularly. In volleyball, I play as a center [/libero]. During my Ph.D days, I even participated [and won] couple of volleyball tournaments in Bangalore. In cricket, I play as a batting all-rounder. I captained the Goettingen cricket team (in Germany) for many years and participated in regional tournaments. 


Cryptography, the art of hiding information, is something which attracts me quite strongly. I have, in-fact, developed a 'substitution cipher' code in IDL (Interactive Data Language). Below is an output from that: 


 If you can figure out what is written in the above message, please drop me an email.

There are plenty of books and documentaries available these days. Here is an Youtube video about cryptography which covers the history of the subject fairly well.

Here is the website of Simon Singh (click) where you can know and learn a lot of cryptography and its applications in modern day life. Simon Singh is also an author of various popular books on cryptography (find him on Amazon).